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    FilterMethod in composition doesnt work

    Sebastian Fiss Newbie

      I have a problem concerning the filtering of rich:dataTable/column. I am not using the built-in filteredBy, but instead I use external filtering in a Bean via the filterMethod.

      (Using RF 3.3.2)

      my ColumnComposition:
      Explanation: Each table has its own sortBean and filterBean and gets it from a Hashmap in a SessionBean.

      testBean is a managedBean (Scope: session)
      sortMap is a HashMap (key=tableId, value=sortBean)
      filterMap is a HashMap (key=tableId, value=filterBean)
      tableId is set via <c:set var="tableId" value="#{id}"/> (could use id instead, since it is passed by the table-attribute id)

       <rich:column sortOrder="#{testBean['sortMap'][tableId].sortOrder}"
       <f:facet name="header">
       <t:panelGrid columns="1">
       <t:outputText value="Title"/>
       <t:inputText value="..." />

      Now the following happens when the view is rendered:
      javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException - Target Unreachable, 'null' returned null

      If I replace [tableId] with ['userTable'] in the FilterMethod, assuming my table has the id="userTable", then everything works as it should.

      Now my question is: why can I use the context-variable tableId in my sortOrder-attribute, but why does it resolve to null when used in the filterMethod-EL?

      I assume that there might be a bug behind this. ManagedBeans and Strings work fine in "filterMethod", but view-scoped-variables dont work (resolve to null).

      Thanks in advance,