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    Error style session scoped datatable binding

    Alberto Neto Newbie

      Hello everyone, im using datatable and datascroller, but i got error when refresh the page, the firefox show me


      Erro: RichFaces.ui.DataScroller is not a constructor

      Erro: RichFaces.ui.DataTable is not a constructor


      in my page have <h:head /> and dont solve the problem... when i use requestscoped in handler everything works fine, but when i use session scoped the error appears...


      In using richfaces 4 with jsf 2.0, help me please...



      <div align="center">

                      <rich:dataScroller fastControls="hide" for="sibList" binding="#{listaHandler.scroll}" renderIfSinglePage="#{not empty listaHandler.dataModel.wrappedData}"  id="sc1" render="sc2" />


                  <rich:dataTable id="sibList" value="#{listaHandler.dataModel}" styleClass="rich-table" var="sib" rows="10">






      Alberto Ribeiro