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    JBoss 4.2.0 timeout issue occurs

    Mikhail Putin Newbie



      I use collection of tools (which were developed in my company. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, I can't tell its name) built on Eclipse 3.x. to build IVR service applications and run them on an remote application server. As a platform of an application server in this collection tools the JBoss 4.2.0 is used. When I am executing application on JBoss server, after a few hours I see from the server.log a timeout issue (15s-20s) which occurs in different part of source code of my tool and my application. It seems that JBoss hangs for a few seconds for some reason. I think that the root cause of this timeout issue is invalid behavior of JBoss application server, because this timeout error disappears after the Jboss restarting.

      So, does anyone else have this problem in JBoss 4.2?