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    jboss web SSO

    vamshi appala Newbie

      In JBOSS6 we have web applications (mutliple wars) which use the tomcat SSO


      Below is the information which we set in server.xml

      <Valve className="org.apache.catalina.authenticator.SingleSignOn" />


      Below is the call flow of the webapps

      1)Login war will get the user credentials and validates them using programatic authentication (WebAuthenticator) and redirects the web page to second war

      2)Second war will then communicate with the EJBS which are secured using @SecurityDomain. As Login war connected to the JBOSS AS server using webAuthentication, second war could able to communicate with the secured EJBS


      In case of JBOSS7 we replacedthe WebAuthenticator with servlet.login methods

      In JBOSS7 login war is able to login but when the page is redirected to the second war, request.getprincipal() is null.


      How do I enable the SSO in JBOSS7? to get the similar functionality of JBOSS 6?