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    Model stability for 0.3

    Gary Brown Master

      Hi all


      I have a switchyard/bpel project generator in Savara that will be released as part of JBoss Tools 3.3.0.M4 - code freeze is 18th October.


      As this is before the release of 0.3, I just wanted to be sure that there are no model changes planned, specifically for the general service assembly or soap binding configurations?


      Unfortunately the dates are in the wrong order - would be better if the tools release came after 0.3, but can't be helped - just want to make sure the tools will work with 0.3 when released




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          Keith Babo Master

          Hey Gary,


          There will be model changes, but I'm not sure whether they will impact you.  We will be adding support for transaction policy, which will add model classes and interfaces, but should not require a schema change.  David is working on refactoring the composer/decomposer support to apply to all components, which *will* impact the schema and will introduce additional model classes.  If you are not using either of these two things, then I don't think it will impact you.  Off the top of my head, I can't think of any other changes.

          Best thing to do here is have an example of the generated code in one of our tests.  This way, we know if a config change breaks your generated project stuff or not.  I think you are working on integrating some quickstarts into the release build - perhaps that would be sufficient?  If not, then adding another test would probably be wise.




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            Gary Brown Master

            Hi Keith


            Sounds like it will be fine, as I won't be impacted by the changes you mentioned.


            I have pull requests on the quickstarts and release repos, and those tests should be sufficient to pick up any issues.