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    couple questions

    Lin Ye Novice

      I got couple questions as follows:


      1. Currently we use jgroups.bind_addr to specify the binding address for JGroups configuration. In one of our use cases, we want to use double LANs and support automatic failorver when failure occurs in one of the LANs. Could JGroups support that? If so, how we configure it?
      2. Currently we use Infinispan to support high performance data access, if we need more determinism, could it potentially support it? Basically, we need low latency and jitter, is there a way to tune/tweak Infinispan for that?


      Thanks in advance for the feedbacks.



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          Nikolay Kondrashov Newbie



          1. Use jgroups tcp/udp settings supplied in infinispan-code.jar. If udp make sure the udp traffic is allowed in your WAN. I have the similar task to provide failover over WAN, if one DC goes down another takes the primary role.












          in your jgroups-tcp-local.xml

             <TCPPING timeout="3000"







          in your cache config

                  <transport clusterName="Cluster">


                          <property name="configurationFile" value="./jgroups-tcp-local.xml"/>



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            Lin Ye Novice

            I didn't mean failover over WAN. For every node running datagrid instances, I need double LANs for reliability.

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              Galder Zamarreño Master

              Lin, I've forwarded your q on JGroups and double LANs to the JGroups guys.


              Wrt your 2nd question, not sure what you're after exactly. What kind of determinism are you missing right now? Whats your Infinispan configuration like?

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                Lin Ye Novice



                Thanks for the response.


                I don't have the number off hand at the moment, but I will collect the data later. In general, for the new use case, we care more about the jitter than the latency. Is any design in Infinispan targeted to determinism in addition to high performance?




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                  Vladimir Blagojevic Master



                  1) This was on Bela's project map but I am not sure if it is implemted. He'll confirm.

                  2) These are mostly tuned on network/router/OS level. Bela will provide some direction for this as well!




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                    Bela Ban Master

                    #1 Use IP bonding (on Linux), or something equivalent on other OSs

                    #2  No, there is no way you can influence jitter and latency. This is something that's inherent in ethernet/TCP/IP based networks, unless you build a custom bus (e.g. such as done in airplanes or the automotive industry).