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    JBoss AS7 - JSF 1.2 Web App

    Ori Kremer Newbie



      I'm trying to run a JSF 1.2 (Mojarra) web application using JSP views on JBoss AS7 and encountered the following problems:

      1) Component libraries (RichFaces, Tomahawk) are not loaded and I'm getting component not found exception (attached) when accessing
          the page. After some investigation I figured that the libraries faces-config.xml files are not loaded.

          To work around this problem I copied the faces-config.xml file from within the component library jar to WEB-INF folder and added them to
          web.xml faces config context param.

          Couldn't find anything similar in the issues, Is this a known issue?

      2) I've noticed that the memory footprint of my application is growing significantly as I am performing web operations.

          Debugging revealed that the JSF component tags (stored in WebInjectionContainer.instanceMap) are causing the problems since they
          are instanciated and stored but never released.

          Attached screenshot from memory analyzer showing this excessive usage.

          Is this a memory leak?



      Those two question lead me to a more basic question.

      Does JBoss AS7 support deploying JSF 1.2 web applications using JSP views?