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    JBossWS, CXF and maven-jaxws-tools-plugin (4.0.0.Beta5)

    Ove Ranheim Novice



      I'm not able to get the maven-jaxws-tools-plugin v1.0.1.GA to work with latest JBossWS-CXF 4.0.0.Beta5. It works however with 3.4.1.GA. With the latest beta I get a CNF exception for: org.jboss.wsf.spi.tools.WSContractConsumer related to org.jboss.ws:jbossws-spi.


      I'd like to use  JBossWS to implement support for PayEx (a Scandinavtion payment operator). Tried to consume their wsdls using JBossWS-Native, but that didn't work out. The JBossWS-CXF seems to be compliant with their MS.NET WSDLs.


      As a newbie to JBossWS. Which JBossWS stack do you recommend for a new project? Where can I find WSConsume examples and JUnit/Arquillian examples?


      Do you have any CDI integration and have you been aligned with Solder 3.1 what's going on there?


      It would be good to understand what has happended to the SPI for JBossWS and how come maven-jaxws-tools-plugin is broken with the latest release?