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    rich:select features question

    Dmitriy Bondarevych Newbie

      Hi guys!


      We use RF 4 Final in our development and met some functional limitations in such components as rich:select and rich:autocomplete. We have already read some discussions about differences and particularities in usage both of them on this forum. So, we absolutely agree that r:autocomplete is for input purposes and r:select for select, as Ilya Shaikovsky mentioned.


      Our use-case has next requirements:

      • ajax-loading (r:autocomplete);
      • pop-up list customization (r:autocomplete);
      • autocomplete method and further filtering on client side for suggestions, with the ability to filter by the any attribute of the objects returned from autocompleteMethod (r:autocomplete but only in ajax mode, it would be nice to use cachedAjax mode but in this case we can process client side filtering only for the fetchValue but it causes some problems after selection and works not stable);
      • highlight inputted text with a red color if the suggestions list is empty (r:select, but we also implemented the same behavior for the r:autocomplete);
      • popup suggestions list with all the items (ajax) if the user clicks drop-down button but search prefix is empty (r:select but not ajax request);
      • default value (r:select);
      • restore previously selected or default value on focus out event  if the inputted value is not from suggestion list (-).       


      You see that in our case we need just selection with some help for selection, because entering value which is not in suggestion list should not affect on server side or may lead to validation error on submit. We use r:autocomplete for our case, but in the same time understand that it is wrong choice.


      It would be much better if we use r:select, because it's exactly component for our case, but we can do it only after r:select features extension, now its better to adapt r:autocomplete. We've met on forum that r:select will be updated and extended in the next RF releases.


      So the question is what exactly features will be added to r:select? And what are the approximate  dates? Would be next release r:select features enough to meet our requirements?