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    Strategy for dealing with "WARNING [config] Unable to process deployment descriptor for context"

    Steve Cohen Newbie

      I am still a newbie here and trying for the first time to deploy a simple trial ejb web-service on WebSphere AS 5.1.  I can successfully deploy a web-module web service but the ejb one fails with "WARNING [config] Unable to process deployment descriptor for context".


      This message is not very helpful.  I would expect to see in the logs somewhere an explanation or stack trace indicating what about my ejb the server finds objectionable.  I did some experimenting with adding some more logging but I haven't found the right combination of loggers to expose more information.


      Is more information available in the logs, and if so, which logger should I boost the log output of?


      Or is there another strategy I could pursue to figure out what is wrong?  Undoubtedly, I've done something wrong but I am not given the tools to help me find out what that is.  I am less interested in the specific solution than in finding out the best way to discover that solution.