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    Tomcat 7 quickstart

    Ben Utzer Newbie

      Hi guys,


      I've followed the documentation but cannot get my test to run under Tomcat 7 (managed (embedded seems even more difficult)). I have downloaded the latest Tomcat 7. Running the test gives a 401 response from tomcat with the message: (unauthorized). So I've created a user in tomcat-users.xml and ran startup.bat and then http:/localhost:8080/manager/text/list gives me some result which is what Arquillian does to test if the server is running.


      I then created the arquillian.xml file with the same user/password as in tomcat-users.xml (why is this not parsed by arquillian btw?).

      Now trying to running everything from eclipse I can see that nothing has changed (except I see my configuration has been picked up now), still 401 unauthorized.


      Can anyone help, please?