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    rich:editor as online XML editor?

    Tobias Keller Newbie


      I am looking for an JSF component or framework which allows editing XML-Documents online in the browser.

      I found rich:editor, but thats out of the box only for text editing.

      My wish list:
      - platform Win XP + IE6
      - XSD validation, marking erros, etc.
      - Intellisense feature e.g. suggestions in XML document for possible XSD values ...

      Until now I found:
      - http://www.bitfluxeditor.org/
      - http://www.ektron.com/ewebeditproxml.aspx
      - http://xopus.com/xopus-web-based-wysiwyg-xml-editor.html

      Someone used rich:editor as online XML editor? Other advices ...?

      Best regards