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    Flush during large file streaming?

    Ulrich K Newbie


      I am trying to send (partly) large data amounts as the result of a web request. All of this data is cached server-side in memory (by Richfaces?) before it is finally sent to the client.


      I am using JBoss/Seam together with Richfaces 3.3.1.


      My code looks like this (excerpt):


      HttpServletResponse response = (HttpServletResponse)facesExternalContext.getResponse();

      ServletOutputStream out = response.getOutputStream();


      // Writing large data amounts (problems for >200MB) to out

      // Tried different variants of flush() and flushBuffer() during this writing





      The code being used for handling "out" seems to be a org.ajax4jsf.webapp.FilterServletResponseWrapper$ByteArrayServletOutputStream which in turn relies on org.ajax4jsf.io.FastBufferOutputStream to do the actual work.


      I have checked this FastBufferOutputStream (and FilterServletResponseWrapper) and they do write all data to in-memory byte arrays.


      Question: Is it possible at all to send data to the client before close() and responseComplete() is called? If so can the above classes be configured to do so?