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    Passing table cell value to java bean to determine styleclass for a richfaces datatable

    G. Gallager Newbie

      I am defining a rich:column in my datatable:


      <rich:column styleClass="#{dWRFD1Handler.lsLtZero ? 'font color red style class' :
      font color green style class' } >  <h:outputText value="myBean.value">  ... </rich:column>


      how can I pass the value in each cell of this table (integer):


      <h:outputText value="myBean.value"> 

      as a parameter for lsLtZero (which checks if the number passed is less than zero) so based on that it would return true or false?


      What I am trying to do is to have different  font-colors for the values in the column based on whether each cell in the column is negative or non-negative.


      I should mention, I'm new with richfaces. Any ideas?