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    How to change icon size in rich:tree

    Lorenz Rosemann Newbie



      I'm using rich:tree of richfaces 4, but the default icon size is 16x16 pixel.


      I want to have a tree with icons sized 22x22 pixel. How can I do this.


      I tried several things, but nothing works:


      (1) add own style

      I defiend an own style class (e.g. .treeIcon {width:22px; height:22px}) and added this style class to the rich:treeNode-Tag (paramter 'iconClass'). But this has no effect.


      (2) change/override .rf-trn-ico class from tree.ecss:

      I wrote an own ecss that overrides the width and height-parameters of .rf-trn-ico - class. This had also no efect, because at runtime, the tree.ecss-file is included after my own ecss-file was included. So this was a problem on order of the style loading at runtime.



      Sometimes the try in (1) does work, when the page is reloded. In this case, the order when all style-sheet files are included is different from the page shown before. I can see that with Firebug in Firefox. If working, my own css-files are inlcuded at last, and then it works. But why is the order when css-files resp. ecss-files are included such different?



      Can anybody help me in this issue?


      Thanks an regards from Germany,

      Lorenz R.


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