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    Durable Subscriber problem in JBoss 5.1 cluster running HornetQ

    Neil Russell Newbie

      I have set up a JBoss 5.1 cluster with 2 servers and JBoss messaging has been replaced with hornetQ 2.2.5. Server 1 is running a live instance of hornetQ and Server 2 is running a backup instance. On both servers ra.xml has been setup to use a discovery group to find the connection.


      Everything is working fine except for durable subscriptions on the jboss server running the backup hornetq instance. When the MDB creating the durable subscrition starts on the second server it throws the following exception:

      "Cannot create a subscriber on the durable subscription since it already has subscriber(s)"


      I believe I should be able to create multiple instances of the same MDB across the cluster and have messages load balanced between them. Searching around I came up with this forum post and related jira.





      The forum suggests that this was fixed by changing the check that causes the above exception to only happen on activation of the first instance of the MDB. But their is no discussion about if it takes into account MDB's in a cluster.


      Just trying to figure out if my configuration is valid and I am running into a bug or if I have done something wrong and there another way to configure this that works.