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    custom bean-load-balance-policy not working with PooledInvokerHA

    ashvinmittal Newbie



      We are having an issue with our custom bean-load-balance-policy when used with PooledInvokerHA. Jboss is not using the custom policy and doing routing on Round Robin basis.


      App Server : jboss 5.1.0 GA

      EJB - Stateless session beans  ( EJB 2.1)   


      This works fine if we use JRMPInvokerHA , but for performance issues we are trying to switch to PooledInvokerHA.  When we use PooleInvokerHA we see in the logs that jboss is executing the custom policy but stiil it doesn't route as per that instead it routes on round robin basis..


























      Is there any known limitaion of using PooledInvokerHA with custom load balancing policy ? Appreciate any help.


      Thanks, Ashvin