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    Console server not returning processinstances after restart

    Adam Bach Novice

      I have noticed following situation:

      1. I open jbpm console, login as krisv

      2. I create 3 process instances of Evaluation process

      3. I can see those process instances in console and human tasks are assigned to krisv.

      4. I restart jboss

      5. I can see no Evaluation process instances in the console.

      6. I look into database and I can see process instances in processinstanceinfo table

      7. I look into database and I can see that no process instance has been finished.

      8. I try manually call console-server with: localhost:8080/gwt-console-server/rs/process/definition/com.sample.evaluation/instances

         but i get empty list as result.


      It seems that console server can see only those process instances that have been created while server is running. Do sth wrong or is this realy big bug of console?


      I have attached a serverl.log file. There is some exception which I do not know the reason of. This error shouldnt disturb the application bacouse It succesfuly loads Evaluation.bpmn file from classpath.