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    Mutiple sessions and transactions.

    Ivan Latysh Newbie

      Hello All!


      Can anybody point me into the right direction. I need to have 2 independant sessions while I am processing the data.


      So far I had no luck, I have tried to brake a routine into 2 calls and annotate each call with "@TransactionAttribute(TransactionAttributeType.REQUIRES_NEW)" But it does not work.


      EJB3 on JBossAS 5.1.0.

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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          Hi Ivan,

          could you describe a bit more in detail what you want to achieve?


          As I understand you will commit/rollback both different !??

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            Ivan Latysh Newbie

            I am using Hibernate fulltext search, and I need to read underlaying indexes and save data back into the database.

            So I need 1 session to get to the indexes:


            // get session
            Session indexReaderSession = (Session) manager.getDelegate();
            // get fulltext session
            FullTextSession fullTextSession = Search.getFullTextSession(indexReaderSession);
            // get search factory
            SearchFactory searchFactory = fullTextSession.getSearchFactory();
            // get directory provider
            DirectoryProvider dealDirectoryProvider = searchFactory.getDirectoryProviders(MyClass.class)[0];
            // get reader provider
            ReaderProvider readerProvider = searchFactory.getReaderProvider();
            // get index reader
            IndexReader reader = readerProvider.openReader(dealDirectoryProvider);


            And 1 session to write the data.


            I can not use the same session in this case.