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    Multiple sun-resources.xml

    Konrad Fischer Newbie

      Hi Arquillian Team,

      First of all, Thank you

      Arquillian leveraged our integration-tests incredible and we already found problems in our set-up with it during build-lifecycle.


      Now i want to configure my gf-embedded as close as possible to our production, so i have an assambly of all sun-resources which i want to use for setting up my embedded gf.

      Unfortunately I just know of


           <property name="sunResourcesXml">target/config/glassfish/jdbc/jdbc-connections.xml</property>

           <property name="sunResourcesXml">target/config/glassfish/jms/jms-connections.xml</property>



      So the last one wins and i got no jdbc-connections.


      Is there a way of adding multiple sun-resources?


      Thank you

      Konrad Fischer