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    Paging files not cleared after consuming messages

    Robert Lee Newbie

      Looking to avoid the problem where a single blocking consumer blocks the whole topic, we are testing HornetQ-2.2.5.


      We have come accross an issue that we believe to be HORNETQ-743.


      We have a HornetQ server with a JMS topic, with two subscribers.

      When we put a very large number of messages into the topic, it started paging as expected. We then connected a JMS bridge on a second server to each topic subscription, and consumed all messages from each topic in turn. When complete, the number of messages showed as 0, but the number of paging files had not gone down.


      We have so far not been able to duplicate this on a small scale, so we're unsure of exactly what the cause was. Could this be the HORNETQ-743 issue? If so, would changing the transaction mode from DUPLICATES_OK to ONCE_AND_ONLY_ONCE be sufficient to prevent this problem?


      Also, when we deleted the paging directory and restarted HornetQ, it gave an error on startup, so we don't have any way to recover from this situation without deleting the data directory (which loses the subscription information, which for us means lost messages).


      Would we be better off holding out for 2.2.8-final before upgrading?


      Thanks for any help.