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    How can I display a loading page in an Ajax Event?

    Jesus B.C. Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      I'm using Richfaces 4.0. At the moment I have a form with several fields and some ajax functionality. I'd like to display a modal panel with a loading message or to disable the screen while any ajax call is executed but I'm unable to do it. In the following code:


      <h:inputText value="#{form.name}" id="input" maxlength="50">
      <f:validateLength minimum="0" maximum="50" />
      <a4j:ajax listener="#{customerAction.nameChanged}" render="customerInfo"
                  execute="@this" event="change" oncomplete="enableScreen();">


      The oncomplete event is executed after the ajax response is received, but the onsubmit doesn't work. I have tried with many different alternatives, like using an onbegin function or using an status with a popupPanel. Unfortunately, none of the solutions works to me in Richfaces 4.0.


      Any suggestion?