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    The bpmn process flow not moving forward from one node to another automatically

    Jaiyachandhiran Thangaraju Newbie



      I am working with jbpm-jpdl-3.2.GA. I have created a bpmn process for testing. The problem i am facing is the flow is not happening once i start the process. The flow should go automatically to every node and from that to next. But here it not happening


      My Process is Start State --> First State --> Node1 [after signal] [ Java code written and retrun Yes] --> Decision If YES --> Node

      If Decision is NO Then it go to END


      If i execute the process it should go to first state , i will manually move to node 1 , its happening correctly , but after  that it should automatically go to descision and based on result it should move forword. But the flow is not moving forward


      Please anyone help me out. is there any document or guides available.