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    the db schema creation explaination

    wiwengweng wen Newbie

      this is how I debug the codes, and find out something I don't understand so far.


      I use mysql db, when codes go into "createGroup", one record is created in the jbpm_id_group table. can someone tell me how the commandService work? what is the "execute" function mean??


      hope to learn and heard from you~



      appended codes:





      public String createGroup(String groupName) {

          return commandService.execute(new CreateGroupCmd(groupName, null, null));



      public interface CommandService {
        String NAME_TX_REQUIRED_COMMAND_SERVICE = "txRequiredCommandService";
        String NAME_NEW_TX_REQUIRED_COMMAND_SERVICE = "newTxRequiredCommandService";

         * @throws JbpmException if command throws an exception.
        <T> T execute(Command<T> command);


      public class CreateGroupCmd implements Command<String> {

        private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

        protected String groupName;
        protected String groupType;
        protected String parentGroupId;

        public CreateGroupCmd(String groupName, String groupType, String parentGroupId) {
          this.groupName = groupName;
          this.groupType = groupType;
          this.parentGroupId = parentGroupId;

        public String execute(Environment environment) throws Exception {
          IdentitySession identitySession = environment.get(IdentitySession.class);
          return identitySession.createGroup(groupName, groupType, parentGroupId);