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    the timer service has beean disabled,please add a <timer-service> entry into the ejb section

    Icey Thomas Newbie

      Dear all,

            I want to create a timer-service on JBoss As 7.0.here is my work:


      public class User implements UserLocal
                TimerService timer;
                public void run(Timer timer)
                         System.out.println("time out!");
                public void scheduleTimer()
                         timer.createTimer(new Date(),1000*1*60,null);

      but when I start up the jboss ,error comes out: java.ejb.EJBException:java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException:the timer service has been disabled.Plealse add a <timer-service> entry into the ejb section of the server configuration to enable it.


      I also try to use annotation @Schedule,but it has the same result,inform that timer-service is unenabled.


      I guess,there is some place I can configure the timer-service,but I can not find it.I try in standalone.xml and ejb-jar.xml ,but in vains. and there is so little imformation about the configurationg of timer-service. Dear friend, do you know how to solve the problem?  how can I enable the timer-service in jboss as 7.0