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    Trying to migrate vom 6 to 7.0.2: "CONFIGURE_MODULE missing"

    Hans Schwäbli Newbie

      I am trying to migrate vom JBoss AS 6 to 7.0.2. I think I already migrated a lot of our configurations, put them in standalone.xml etc.


      But when I put the ear file into the deployments directory and start JBoss in standalone mode, I see this error on the console:


      09:45:21,472 ERROR [org.jboss.as.deployment] (DeploymentScanner-threads - 1) {"Composite operation failed and was rolled back. Steps that failed:" => {"Operation step-2" => {"Services with missing/unavailable dependencies" => ["jboss.deployment.subunit.\"base-test-ear.ear\".\"base-csm-impl-ejb-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar\".CONFIGURE_MODULE missing [ jboss.module.information.service.\"deployment.base-test-ear.ear.base-csimpl-support-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar\".main, jboss.module.information.service.\"deployment.base-test-ear.ear.base-batch-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar\".main, jboss.module.information.service.\"deployment.base-test-ear.ear.base-server-support-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar\".main, jboss.module.information.service.\"deployment.base-test-ear.ear.base-jboss-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar\".main ]


      I haven't migrated anything concerning classloading. It is the ear file with the jars and wars in it which we use in JBoss 6.


      What is wrong? What do I need to do?