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    Realtime Sortable Lists via Drag'n'Drop

    Elmar Weber Newbie


      I'm looking for a way to create list of objects that can be resorted on-the-fly via drag'n'drop. So you have a list like

      1. first
      2. second
      3. third

      When you click on 2. second you get the whole DOM part that belongs to the 2. second item and when you move it up and down the list is resorted on the fly with the elements looking like they will be when you release the mouse.

      Long description, an example with IceFaces is available at http://component-showcase.icefaces.org/component-showcase/showcase.iface (Layout Panels => Positioned Panel).

      Has anyone implemented something like this with RichFaces?
      I couldn't think of a way to get this with the integrated drag'n'drop support and without creating a custom component.