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    HornetQ Rest support in AS7

    Mitchell Ackerman Newbie

      Is HornetQ Rest support in AS7 currently available?


      I cannot get a rest example to work, and when I look in the JBoss AS7 distribution (7.0.2 all final), I see the core and jms libraries, but no rest library.


      If it is truly not there, is there a good reason, and are there known issues if I attempt to add it as a module?


      thanks, Mitchell

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          Mitchell Ackerman Newbie

          I was finally able to get HornetQ Rest working in AS7, but not using the main AS7 configuration, standalone-preview.xml (or domain.xml).  Queue entries there are instantiated, but as the rest libraries are not provided as part of AS7, no rest interface is available.  Providing the rest libraries as part of the app does not result in the rest interface being available for queues defined in the AS7 configuration file. 


          It looks like if you want Rest, you have to do all the configuration of HornetQ in the app itself.  So I would say the AS7 does not support HornetQ Rest.  Please correct me if I am wrong.