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    Distributed monitoring - Integration of RHQ to other monitoring systems

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      I'm searching for a solution to integrate RHQ to other systems like nagios or sitescope.

      If you want to create different dedicated monitoring systems, for example in nagios, you can use nrpe and collect the status of checks to a superior server, who is responsible to visualise or give an overview. An integration in a CMDB would be possible, but who to access to the dedicated monitoring RHQ servers?


      Is there a way to do so with RHQ?

      In my research an reading the documentation, 3 strategies could be possible to gain interesting and accumulated status of checks:

      1. SNMP via ID and generate SNMP traps in RHQ server - has this somebody done yet?
      2. Access via webservices - is the status accessible of the different checks in RHQ?
      3. Access the database and generate a script, which updates the superior tool - this is really a workaround, but could work.


      What are the ways to handle complex environments like computing centers?


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