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    How to manipulate or create and add a gtmpl file?

    Angela Klutsch Newbie



      I'm almost a newbie in Gatein and Site Publisher.


      I'll try to have a list of news. So I took a Content List. In this Content List I have the UIContentListPresentationDefault.gtmpl. That's quiet fine, but I want to have some changes.


      I think, the UIContentListPresentationDefault.gtmpl is like a template or pattern where the real values will be filled in. The result is the html-file which the browser shows.


      First, I had the idea to manipulate the UIContentListPresentationDefault.gtmpl file as I want it to work. But that doesn't work, because UIContentListPresentationDefault.gtmpl is in the folder tmp and changes are not permanent. So my second idea is to create a new UIContentListPresentationMyDesign.gtmpl file. How do I create this? Where is the right position in the file system? And how can I select this new gtmpl-File in Site Publisher?