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    Guvnor deployment package Problem

    Leo Tseng Newbie




      I saw the post "Guvnor deployment package" and thied the method both in it.

      1. Put the ChangeSet.xml in jbpm-gwt-console-server.war /WEB-INF/classes

      2.  tweak the ChangeSet.xml inside the files "jbpm-gwt-core-5.1.0.jar" and "jbpm-gwt-graph-5.1.0.jar".

      They do work partly and I got the same problem...



      My Process has a human task that contains a form need to be fill. After I build the package (my own created package), it show up on BPM console normally. However when the process goes to human task, it can't not show up the complete form but just partly of it, so I can't get the input data from human.

      This Process works fine in defaultPackage...Please help me fix this problem.

      Thanks a lot.


      My human task form "PlaceOrder.ftl"



      <h2>Sample Process Order Task</h2>


      Model Number: ${modelNumber}

      Quantity: ${quantity}

      Priority: ${priority}



      <form action="complete" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">

      Priority :          

        <input name="priority" type="text" value="${priority}">


      Model Number : <input name="modelNumber" type="text" value="${modelNumber}">


      Quantity (1-1000) : <input name="quantity" type="text" value="${quantity}">


        <input value="Complete" type="submit">





      It shows like


      but it should show like



      Error Message : error.txt


      By the way, in my own defined package I can't see the process diagram and initial starting form too. It looks like it can't connect any picture and form.


      Please help.