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    ESB with outbound and inbound message

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        I've created a simple ESB flow:

      * catches a POJO request from JMS gateway (simple gateway)

      * transforms it to fixed length value (custom action)

      * sends the above FLV string to the mainframe via an IBM MQ outbound connection (JMSRouter)

      * waits and receives a reply from an IBM MQ inbound gateway (simple gateway)

      * transforms the reply FLV to POJO (custom action)

      * sends the POJO to a JMS destination (JMSRouter)


        I've run into a problem. But... I can't decide: I don't understand the ESB or the ESB is the basis of the problems.


        When the ESB sends a message via an IBM MQ the flow splits away. The mainframe backend ignores any correlationId in the outbound messages, the correlationId in the reply message equals with the messageId in the outbound message (MessageId pattern).  How can I get the original replyTo EPR and the original relatesTo URI in the receiver service? The receiver is a simple JMS gateway (is-gateway="true" in the jms-listener), it creates an ESB message from the JMS payload with irrelevant correlationId in the relatesTo header.


        Update: all service is asynchronous, because the mainframe answer is very slow (most of time is over 60sec).


      Gábor Auth


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