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    Getting Commits/Rollbacks stats from TxInterceptor

    Renzo De Renzi Newbie

      Good evening, I'm using infinispan 4.2.1 FINAL and at some point of my app I would like to print some stats on the number of commits and rollbacks of the executed transactions using the TxInterceptor methods. The problem is that in standard infinispan configuration TxInterceptor is automatically loaded in the chain so I can't use the AdvancedCache.addInterceptor(CacheMgmtInterceptor cmi, int position) command to add the Interceptor to my cache and use the cmi methods as I do with the CacheMgmtInterceptor. What should I declare in order to use the TxInterceptor methods on my cache?

      Hope I've explained the problem correctly, thanks a lot.