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    Richfaces 4.0 autocomplete

    Vadivel Kuppusamy Newbie

      Hi All,


           i am using jsf 2.0 and richfaces 4.0.

           i have issue on richfaces 4.0 autocomplete.


           step1: click on the submit button without enter any input fields. it will show the error message. pls see the image1


           step2: then focus on autocomplete field type any character, it will show the list. But that time all the error

      message will be hide. pls see the image2


      i dont want to hide all the error message.


      i am using below code:




                                                  id="test"  value="#{testBean.company}"



                                                  var="company" mode="ajax" minChars="1" // here i tried with mode="ajax" and mode="cachedAjax"

                                                            <h:outputText value="#{company.label}" />




           my guess :  both(mode="ajax" and mode="cachedAjax") condition jsf construct the tree, due to ajax call so that all the error message will be hide for all the input fields.


      i used mode="client" for this case error message will not be hide. but it wil show the company list without enter any character, i dont want to display all company without enter any  character.


      pls, help me..



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          Vadivel Kuppusamy Newbie

          Hi All,


          here i will explain the above issue clearly


              step1:  When I click on submit button with empty fields, validation is working (which ever field is required). pls see the image1


               step2:  Then type on the company field, all the error message will be disappear (company field is <rich:autocomplete>).

          pls see the image2


          I want all the error message should be appear, (when I type on the company field).


          I used <a4j:regin>. but i didnt get anything.

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            Vadivel Kuppusamy Newbie

            tis is my code:


            <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"





                <h:form id="form-id">


                    name<br />

                    <h:inputText id="name" value="#{testBean.name}" required="true"

                        requiredMessage="value is required"/>

                    <rich:message for="name" />


                    phone number<br />

                    <h:inputText id="phone-num" value="#{testBean.phoneNumber}" required="true"

                        requiredMessage="value is required"/>

                    <rich:message for="phone-num" />


                    company<br />

                    <rich:autocomplete id="com-id" value="#{testBean.company}"


                        fetchValue="#{company.label}" var="company" required="true"

                        mode="ajax" minChars="1" requiredMessage="value is required">

                            <h:outputText value="#{company.label}" />


                    <rich:message for="com-id" />


                    Address<br />

                    <h:inputText id="add" value="#{testBean.address}" required="true"

                        requiredMessage="value is required"/>

                    <rich:message for="add" />


                    <a4j:commandButton type="submit" action="#{testBean.save}" value="submit" />






            managed bean:






            public class TestBean implements Serializable{


                private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

                private String name;

                private String phoneNumber;

                private String company;

                private String address;

                private List<String> clist;


                public TestBean() {}


                public String getName() {

                    return name;


                public void setName(String name) {

                    this.name = name;


                public String getPhoneNumber() {

                    return phoneNumber;


                public void setPhoneNumber(String phoneNumber) {

                    this.phoneNumber = phoneNumber;


                public String getCompany() {

                    return company;


                public void setCompany(String company) {

                    this.company = company;


                public String getAddress() {

                    return address;


                public void setAddress(String address) {

                    this.address = address;


                public List<String> getClist() {

                    return clist;


                public void setClist(List<String> clist) {

                    this.clist = clist;



                public List<String> companyList() {       

                    clist = new ArrayList<String>();









                    return clist;



                public void save() {