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    Deployment errors

    lmishkind Newbie

      Hi All,


      Is there a way for me to list deployment errors in JMX console JBOSS 5.1.0.GA?



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          António Ribeiro Newbie

          Hey Imishkind,


          You can create a MBean class that reads your JBoss server.log file and then updates one of its variables to have the deployment errors.


          But what's the point of having the deployment errors in the JMX console if you have them in the terminal and in the server log? Thus, if you have deployment errors who ensures you that the application is running fine at the point of trusting more the JMX console than the terminal or the server log?


          Grateful for your attention.


          Best regards.

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            lmishkind Newbie

            Thanks for the reply Antonio,


            I have a script which starts jboss and since my application is spread over many servers I want to verify within the script that everything started successfully. In other words, I dont trust who ever starts the application to always look at the log files and search for errors, especially since they need to do it over many servers.

            I could make the startup script to parse the log files and to look for errors but this is not 100% bullet proof  - e.g. some one destroyed the log4j xml and the jboss is not logging anything.