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    Failover for invoke activities

    anuj bhatia Newbie



      Is it possible for an invoke activity to failover to other nodes in a cluster even after the invoke has actually started but a response has not yet been received?


      Consider a BPEL process that has an invoke activity to a web service that takes some time to process the request and return a response. Suppose one of the RiftSaw nodes in a cluster start executing the invoke activity in process and make the web service call. While the call is in progress the node dies. Is it possible for other nodes to detect that the invoke activity was started but a response was not recieved and retry the invoke request?


      I've tried a simple test and can get failover to work if a node is killed while the process is in a wait activity. But it doesn't seem to work if the process has started an invoke and I'm wondering whether this scenario is supported at all?