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    Can't deploy projects with eclipse indigo

    Stefan P Newbie

      Hello everybody!


      OS: Windows 7 32bit

      Java: Java 1.6

      Eclipse: Eclipse Indigo 3.7.0

      JBoss Tools: 3.3.0

      JBoss Server: JBoss-AS-7.0.2


      Since several days I'm trying to setup my development environment, Everything works fine EXCEPT... i cannot deploy projects within eclipse.


      I started out importing the quickstart projects you get with jboss as described in the quickstart guide.


      When right-clicking the project itself there is no "Run on server" option. If I add JSF Capabilities there is a "Run on server" and it seems to deploy but all I get is a 404 error.


      The sample projects work fine when deploying with "mvn package jboss-as:deploy".


      Help is greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,