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    Migrating from AS5 to AS7 results in ClassNotFoundException

    Karstem Strunk Newbie



      I'm trying to migrate our application from AS5 to AS7, but I don't get it work. My ear file looks like this:




        |--- ejb.jar


        |--- web.war


        |--- jdom.jar


        |--- xml-apis.jar


      My ejb.jar uses jdom to parse some config files. So I defined in the MANIFEST.MF of ejb.jar the following classpath:


           Class-Path: jdom.jar xml-apis.jar


      But when I start my application, JDom is found, but not the class SAXException which is part of xml-apis.jar.


      Here's the error message I got:


      java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.xml.sax.SAXException from [Module "deployment.application.ear.jdom.jar:main" from Service Module Loader]


      So it seems that jdom.jar has no dependecies defined to xml-apis.jar. If I update the MANIFEST.MF of jdom.jar and add a class-path-entry for xml-apis.jar it works. But it makes absolutely no sense to me. Why do I have to alter external jar files to work with JBoss? Isn't there a way to setup JBoss properly?


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