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    Combining EJB3, Annotations, and ejb-jar.xml?

    Steve Cohen Newbie

      What are the rules and relationships between EJB3 annotations and the similar functionality available through ejb-jar.xml elements?  And how do JBossWS annotations play in this space?  Does one take precedence over the other?  Should mixing them be avoided?  Are there any examples of doing this?


      I don't want to mess with ejb-jar.xml but there seem to be ejb-jar.xml elements that do not map to any annotations.  The one I am most interested is the <method-permission> element, for which there seems to be no comparable annotation.  I must have this functionality, but can it be combined with annotations?  Is trying to mix them a minefield?  Are there any examples of doing this sort of thing?  Or is there a way to achieve <method-permission> without an ejb-jar.xml?