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    Richfaces 3.3.1 onkeyup https issue

    crsathishjsf Newbie

      Hi, We have a richfaces 3.3.1 application in production (running on HTTPS) and we are having issue with a page where textfield gets enabled/disabled by onkeyup onmouseout. Here is the pesudeo code:



      <h:textbox id="t1"...>

      <a4j support event="onmoustout"...rerender bottom portion

      <a4j support event="onkeyup"....rerender bottom portion


      So, on the first text box when user enters something, we disable other fields on the bottom. thats the busines rule. this code works perfectly on HTTP environment. but on HTTPS it crashes. even auto suggest crashes sometimes on HTTPS.


      Could someone shed some knowledge on this ?


      We tried adding oneventqueue and delay. doesn't crash immediatly but after some attempts like "key in and backspace 5 times".