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    Axis2 webservice


      HI all


             I have an application which is running in my JBoss default server.Now I am going to expose two methods from my application as a web services.For that I keep tha axis2.war in my deploy folder.and I keep the aar file in that war.here my doubt is how to communicate my application which is in default server frommy pojo..thanks in advance.

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          you can either do a jdni lookup or have a configurable parameter that specifies the url of the web service in your web app

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            From the deployment structure It is clear that you have two seperate applications .So to communicate between the two you may need a webservice/ejb or some other communication interface @ you custom application.



            Another way is change your deployment structure, make the axis and your custom application wrapped inside a single ear . With your application in the app level and axis asa war.