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    Configuring and Integrating jBPM with Other UI's

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      Hello friends ,


      I am relatively a newbie to jBPM and I have a couple of questions :


      1)  Our Application is built using Swing UI and I wish to access the deployed process information from the mysql database and the running jBPM Engine and display it to the user using Swing Form and allow user to interact with the engine by passing the information to the engine using the Swing form. Can I do that ? Are there any specific Api's that I can use ?



      2)   I use the jbpm-installer build.xml way of loading the process into jBPM engine (using option -Djbpm.console.directory = 'environment path') to load all the processes into the jBPM engine (and access the process information in the deployed User application in jBoss AS ). After the processes are loaded I can view them on the jBPM console on localhost:8080.

      . (After modifying the persistence.xml in human task jar along with other file I was able to use jBPM with MySQL database. I use the persistence unit specified in human task jar to create entity manager factory and using JPA knowledge Service to start process. After starting the process I can see the process information in the database along with the task information).

      Is this procedure fine to load process definitions (if I do not wish to use Eclipse Guvnor plugin and Designer tool) and interacting with JBPM engine? Just a question for confirming the procedure ?