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    input autocomplete=off wth ajaxValidator

    Blake Estes Newbie

      I'm trying to add autocomplete="off" to all forms in my application. It is my understanding that this cannot be done at a form level with xhtml. If this is not accurate it may make this issue moot.

      I've set autocomplete="off" on an input field. When I test the app and view the source the input maintains this attribute:


      <t:inputText value="#{Bean.email}"autocomplete="off" id="email" />

      Page Source

      <input id="myForm:resEmail" name="myForm:email" type="text" value="test" autocomplete="off" />

      When I add an ajaxValidator to the input I no longer see the autocomplete attribute when I view the source:


      <t:inputText value="#{Bean.email}"autocomplete="off" id="email">
      <rich:ajaxValidator event="onblur" />

      Page Source

      <input id="myForm:email" name="myForm:email" type="text" value="test" onblur="A4J.AJAX.Submit('_viewRoot','myForm',event,{'control':this,'similarityGroupingId':'myForm:j_id33','parameters':{'ajaxSingle':'myForm:email','myForm:j_id33':'myForm:j_id33'} ,'actionUrl':'/Project/pages/forms/myForm.jsf'} )" />

      Has the autocomplete attribute been removed and is this expected?

      Many Thanks.