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    Accessing EJB3 over HTTPS - Connection refused Exception

    Shehzad Nagi Newbie

      Hi All,


      I used the below link to set up my server to accept HTTPS request/responses on Jboss 5.1.0GA.




      I also blocked the traditional 8080 HTTP port so all requests coming in to the server should go though the HTTPS secure connectors


      My client applicaiton is deployed on another jboss server which also has only HTTPS open for communication. All the keys are properly imported in the server/client keystore and configured in server.xml files


      Now the issue is when the client tries to connect to the server using https link in the InitialContext properties, it properly connects on 8443 ports. Then after exchanging some data over 8443, it redirects to 8080 port where it throws Connection refused exception.


      I dont understand why is it being redirected to 8080 when I am using HTTPS to connect to my EJB. I have used tcpdump to see the connection flow and am a bit lost. How can i make sure that the unsecured port is not used and all communicaiton goes through 8443?


      Many thanks in advance.