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    JBoss 6 integration with remote JMS Provider

    kjh21 Newbie

      I am moving from JBoss AS 4.0.5 to 6 and, in the process, migrating from the old JBossMQ JMS Provider to the new HornetQ Provider.


      All the producers and consumers that previously used JBossMQ now work fine on HornetQ; however, I also have a need to

      configure a MDB that interacts with a remote Joram JMS Provider (Version 5.0.6).



      I was able to get that working JBoss 4.0.5 in accordance with the following instructions






      It required an appropriately specified jms provider configuration in JBoss 4.0.5




      which defined an org.jboss.jms.jndi.JMSProviderLoader mbean that points to the remote Joram JNDI service and

      also identified the XA connections to be used in XA transactions.  In that case, I was using JBoss 4.0.5's generic JMS JCA Resource Adapter (jms-ra.rar) to to manage the connections and not Joram's JCA connector.



      It was also necessary to add the following annotation to my MDB.



      @ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "providerAdapterJNDI", propertyValue = "java:/JoramJMSProvider")


      I did not explicity add the @ResourceAdapter annotation to my MDB since JBoss 4.0.5 used jms-ra.rar by default.



      With the move to HornetQ in JBoss AS 6, jms-ra.rar now seems to be a HornetQ specific Resource Adapter.


      As a first attempt, I deployed the old JBoss 4.0.5 generic JMS Resource Adapter in JBoss 6 as jms-ra-old.rar and modified the <tx-transactions> section of joram-jms-ds.xml accordingly.


      In the case, the MDB deployed without error but no messages were dispatched from Joram to my MDB.  In fact, I saw no network traffic at all even during deployment when I expected JBoss to reach out to the Joram JNDI service during the deployment of the MDB.


      I then tried deploying Joram's 5.0.7 remote JCA connector in JBoss 6 and reconfigured the MDB's @ResourceAdapter annontation and joram-jms-ds.xml's <tx-connection-factory> accordingly.


      In that case, JBoss 6 just hangs when trying to deploy the Joram resource adapter.



      I suspect that has something to do with incompatibilites between the newer JBoss platform and the older Joram platform.



      Are there any updated instructions about JBoss integration with a remote JMS Provider that document how to configure a JBoss 6 hosted MDB to act as a consumer to a remote JMS Provider?


      Is it necessary for the JMS Provider to supply the appropriate JCA connector or is there something provided in JBoss 6 comparable to the previous generic jms-ra.rar?



      Kevin H.

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          Andy Taylor Master

          This question is probably better posted in the AS forums, however you would need to use the generic resource adapter and not the hornetq one.

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            kjh21 Newbie

            Couldn't find a JBoss AS 6 forum so I posted first to JBoss AS 7 forum. 


            Reply there was that it didn't belong in the JBoss AS 7 forum so I posted here.


            Reply here to use the generic resource adapter and not the hornetq one is self-evident.


            My question (again):  Is there a generic JMS Provider Resource Adapter in JBoss AS 6?

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              Clebert Suconic Master

              That's more a question for JORAM In My Opinion... That's why you are being bounced between HornetQ / here.


              It's definitely not a HornetQ question... 


              Each message server will provide you the resource adapter that's required to integrate to an application.



              - ActiveMQ has one,

              - HornetQ has one

              - And I assume JORAM has one

              - JBossMQ and JBossMessaging used the default one on JBoss.




              I'm not sure how active is JORAM these days...   you could probably just use the same resource adapter you used before on AS4.


              You will either have to help yourself with their docs or ask help to someone at Joram. We don't have the knowledge here to help you.


              If you do some research and get to a finer point that interacts with JBoss, then JBoss people will be able to help you.


              (For instance.. just an hypothetical example: I'm trying to do this procedure here, on this XML, and JBoss is throwing this exception while configuring Joram.. etc... )



              If you can't find any help from Joram community you will have to digest it a bit to a level someone at JBoss will understand.