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    [Newbie] Cannot create a ODBC-JdBC Datasource

    michel memeteau Newbie

      Hi, I'm a Jboss beginner .



      i want to connect to an access database and so am trying to use the SUN JDBC-ODBC bridge :


      in standalone.xml I added  a driver


         <driver name="com.gemalto.odbc" module="com.xxx.odbc">








      And created the correct path in module  /com/xxx/odbc containing a module.xml :



      <module xmlns="urn:jboss:module:1.0" name="com.xxx.odbc">


          <resource-root path="rt.jar"/>

              <!-- Insert resources here -->



          <module name="javax.api"/>






      I then created a DataSource that use this new  driver and get the following log at startup :



      New missing/unsatisfied dependencies:

            service jboss.jdbc-driver.com_xxx_odbc (missing)




      - If I use the same syntax but for MySQL JDBC driver it works great.



      Two questions :



      - How can I get a detailed log of the Phase where it tries to lookup the sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver class from the module info ? I guess it just cannot find the Class although it's right in the rt.jar of my JDK 1.6 ( I've tested with a sample java code that works with this ODBC driver)



      - Is this the right way to connect to this kind of JDBC driver ? I guess the fact that it's not JDBC 4.0 compliant has someting to do with my problem ?