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    using infinispan for replicating data (not just cache)

    dex chen Novice

      I am looking for a solution for following use scenario:

      1) a cluster of nodes share common data (more reads and few writes).

      2) the cluster needs to be able to scale up or down by adding/removing nodes dynamically.

      3) right now, the data is stored on external shared storage.


      For the scability and other consideration, I'd like to get rid of the shared storage, and move to a "shared nothing" cluster.


      After read some articles/documents on Infinispan, conceptually, I feel that Infinispan may fit the use case. I am thinking to use infinispan in a cluster mode (with replication) and "write through".  I could use the "distributed" mode here.


      But, I did not find any real example how Infinispan's "write through" is implemented.


      Anyway, does Infinispan support this kind of use cases? Does anyone have any experience with Infinispan for this kind of use scenario?

      I'd like to here any suggestions.