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    column freezing...

    Deb Dutta Novice

      I want to implement column freezing feature in rich:extended data table.
      Currently <rich:extended data table> not support horizontal scroll at all, i have managed it using div. But now i want to implement column freezing, could any body help me how i can do that? i know directly it is not posible as sroll itself not supported by rich, but by using any patch or though javascript/css i can do something so that on div sroll first 1/2 column will be fixed, or shift the position like that it will seem to be freezed.
      I can't use rich:srollable data table because, its lacking some required feature.

      Any help will really be highly appriciated

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          Deb Dutta Novice

          any help...i think rich:extended data table really have missed a very important feature. It has lots of attractive feature but a common but important feature like scroll got missed which is the basic requirement of most of the projects and customer..so having great problem

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            Ilya Shaikovsky Master

            You could visit the wiki pages related to RichFaces 4.x plans and comment ones which related to tables redesing.

            ExtendedDataTable from the beggining - community contributed component - so it was designed by the guys according to their requirements. So it could lacks some features and we doing our best to add some of them but taking into consideration the fact that we should not break current functionality in minor releases.

            So the 4.x major release - is the best moment to add new core features redesign markups and so on.