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    how to add @SecurityDomain package

    Icey Thomas Newbie

      Dear All,

               I want to to use Jboss Authorization with @RolesAllowed and @SecurityDomain ,like this:


      @SecurityDomain("JbossDomain")                      ---  error,can not find the annotation
      @public class Test
           public void doOnly()
                     System.out.println("it`s can be called by admin");


      I know @SecurityDomain in package jboss-ejb3-ext-api-2.0.0-beta-1.jar, after I add the jar file into build path,it can still can not find the annotation class. o,I am using Jboss 7.0.2  final version.


      someone knows anything about this?how can I add that jar into my project ? thank you very much!