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    ClassNotFoundException in clustered cache

    Michal Glowacki Novice



           I have recently set up loadbalancing, with 2 JBosses running as single nodes and loadbalanced by Apache. The problem is, that there are data written to cache, so cache needs to be replicated. I have set up jgroups and cluster of those 2 caches. On 1st machine, it's working, on 2nd it creates, and then destroys as ClassNotFoundException is thrown - I assume when replicating cache data. The missing class is one of the classes from my WAR archive, but it is available on 2nd machine as well.


           Are there any restrictions on location of replicated classes? I have some classes in lib folder (JARs) and they are replicated without problem.


           I am using JBoss Cache 3, CacheJMXWrapper set up using mbean xml.